Don’t Work In A Vacuum

In today’s society, we admire those who succeed through rugged determination, sustained willpower, and pure hustle. We read biographies of famous musicians, athletes, and business executives and aspire to adopt the character traits that made them so successful. Particularly in America, it seems that many rewards await those who are able to “pull themselves up by their bootstrap” and make things happen.

However the truth is, rarely are these success stories built on a foundation of individualism. Rather, if you dig deeper into these narratives, you will find that today’s leading role models have a multitude of people to thank for their success.

Parents instilled a sense of personal drive and determination. Teachers stayed late after school helping with homework. Friends made themselves available as moral support when it felt like quitting was the only option. A professor offered an extension on an assignment to help avoid a failing grade. An advisor made a suggestion that opened the door to a great career opportunity. And the list goes on…

What’s that mean for you as a College Student?

In the midst of studying for exams and completing big projects, it can often feel like we will either succeed or fail based on our own merit.

That is simply not true. There are many resources available to assist students in all areas of their college experience. And no one should feel as if they are stuck on an island.

Your professor and your academic advisor should be your first points-of-contact when you feel yourself beginning to struggle academically .

It may be intimidating to admit a weakness to others, but realize that this is the best way to become stronger.

I used to sit in awe of the students in my classes who just seemed to “get it”. They’ve got all the answers. They even have extra information to add to the instructor’s lesson. And I would think, “if I just study hard enough, I’ll be like that one day”.

But that’s not how it works. Those super successful students often had great study groups, consistent tutors, and previous experience with the subject matter. And all that helped them to master the material and shine in their classes. From the outside looking in, i couldn’t see that. They were not working alone.

So, the point here is this: do not work in a vacuum.

Even if you’re not struggling or falling behind, gather a supportive group of friends and classmates who will support and encourage you during tough times. Be an encouragement to those around you. And do not hesitate to find guidance when you’re a little lost.

Remember, people cannot help you if they do not know you’re in need.

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