Free Internet Resources For College Students

In this post, I’m going to share a few resources that I came to appreciate AFTER graduating from college. I spent years working through my classes using mostly my textbooks, some academic journals, and my professors as resources to gain understanding. There’s nothing wrong with this approach. However, in this highly connected society, that approach is somewhat incomplete.

Students no longer have to rely solely on the resources they are provided in the classroom and the library for academic success. There are a bunch of FREE resources out on the Internet that can be of service in most college courses. Whether you’re completely lost or just need to hear something taught from a different perspective, I believe the resources below will be a great help to you:


This may seem like a no-brainier, but whenever you come to a roadblock on a particular topic, you should always hop on Google to see if there’s an easily accessible synopsis that can help you out. Whether you’re trying to understand mathematical concepts, ancient history, or economic concepts, there is probably a blog or website out there dedicated exclusively to the subject you need assistance on.


I cannot tell you how many times I have been trying to figure out a problem and found a step-by-step tutorial on YouTube. While we tend to see YouTube as a source for great music and captivating entertainment, there are some very informative tutorials on the site spanning all fields of study. Sometimes we just need to hear a concept explained by a person we can relate to in order to grasp it. YouTube is definitely a great place to look.  YouTube has a number of education-based channels you can subscribe to, or you can just browse for videos you find useful.

Khan Academy

If you have not tried out Khan Academy, you need to make a point to do so TODAY. Khan Academy is awesome. Sal Khan, a former engineer and investment banker, started this non-profit website to allow anyone to learn anything from anywhere.(

Khan academy features useful video lectures about all types of topics from finance to math to art and much more. Sal Khan’s smooth, step-by-step delivery make it easy for anyone to understand the content and follow along.

Whether you are struggling in a calculus class or you just need a little extra explanation of microeconomics, Khan Academy has the resources to help you succeed.


Last, but certainly not least, we have ITunesU. ITunesU is a free app that allows users to access online college courses from top-notch institutions for free.

You can browse for topics that interest you. Or you can search for a better understanding of courses you’re enrolled in right now. For example, if you’re taking general chemistry this semester, sometimes it’s great to get another perspective on complex topics. So head over to ITunesU, search for “general chemistry”, and you’ll be able to watch lectures of other chemistry courses from schools around the world.

Some featured schools are MIT, Yale, Ohio State, University of Washington, and many more. You’ll no doubt find some of the answers you need on this great free app!


The Internet is full of great content that can help you boost your performance in the classroom. I really wish I had utilize some of these resources a little more when I was in school. This has been just a small list of some of the tools available to college students online.

Have you experienced any of the resources in this article? Maybe you’ve found Internet resources not listed here. Share your story in the comments below! You can also share links to other resources you’ve used so other readers can try them out too.



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