In college, there are 3 classes that tend to present major challenges to underclassmen.



Get Help Early and Often

Get Help Early and Often

Unfortunately these courses stop a lot of students from being able to continue on and complete their college education altogether. We all know someone who has taken one of these classes multiple times to no avail.

If you, or someone you know has struggled in Algebra or Statistics repeatedly, I want to help you.

I started College Kid Now What to help students find success in their college lives. Over time I’ve realized that there are some specific needs college students have that I can help them out with.

Statistics and College Algebra are requirements for many many college degree programs. Even if you are not majoring in Math or Engineering, you are probably still required to complete one or both of these classes.

Don’t let these courses hold you back from success.

We are starting to work with College Students to help them pass Algebra and Statistics.

If you would like to work with me, please email newgrad23@gmail.com to get started!

What Services Are Currently Being Offered?

College Kid Now What is offering Online Tutoring

College Kid Now What is offering Online Tutoring

Weekly Video Tutoring up to 60 Minutes: $25/session

We will work together over Skype or Google Hangouts on any of your coursework. I will explain any concepts you need help in. I will help you work through practice problems and homework from your professor. I will also give suggestions of where you can go for help in your specific situation.

One-Time Homework/Assignment/Test Review: $30

If you have a homework assignment or a test that you’ve completed and received a grade on, we can walk through each question you missed and come up with solutions to help you get that right next time. Often, students know how to do the math to figure out the right answers, but they misinterpret something in the question that causes them to arrive at the wrong answer.

I can review your work and show you where you went wrong.

Group Tutoring: $15/student

Group learning is most effective with courses like statistics and algebra. This is probably the number one reason students struggle in these courses. Some people “get it” intuitively. Other students need to talk out solutions a few times in order to solve them.